We provide high end dog training that allows our clients to experience a new level of freedom and comfortability with their dog that is typically not available to the average dog owner.




As a member of Black Crown, you will gain access to our many different Premier pet services:

  • Professional Training

  • Grooming

  • National pet transport service

  • Concierge service

  • Exclusive membership into the Black Crown Academy - our constructive alternative to doggy daycare

  • Premium vet care

  • Professional pet photography/videography

  • Puppy birthday parties


And much more! 

Once admitted into our family, you gain access to our network of high performing pet professionals across the country.  

Black Pug


Black Crown

At Black Crown ,  we take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our pets. That’s why the happiest days for us are when one of our animals is adopted by a loving and welcoming family.

With access to our exclusive network of certified pet care professionals (including but not limited to veterinarians, photographers, and groomers) we can assure that you and your dog will receive the Premier Black Crown Experience!


We are not only here for obedience training, we also specialize in guiding our clients through your regular everyday experiences with your dog at your side - grooming, veterinary care, public socialization, vehicle etiquette, restaurant etiquette, high distraction training, etc.



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