Premier Trainer / Pittsburgh, PA


Jami Feuerstein, born in New York, worked in the fashion industry after graduating from a Chicago college. She lives in Pennsylvania now, but that was her life, until about ten years ago when she started her own dog walking and boarding business. “I was working in an industry that brings the worst out of people. I did not want to surround myself with that greed and negativity every day, so when I got the opportunity to spend my days walking through Central Park, rain or shine or snow with an animal that is loving and happy by nature 24/7, it was a no brainer.”

Her sister in Cleveland rescued a dog and within a week of that adoption, the dog started to destroy the house, chase her nieces and nephews, and nip at their ankles. She then enlisted the help of a popular dog training company. Her sister’s accounts of the dog’s huge change in behavior caused Jami to rethink her career path and she immediately reached out to learn more about becoming a dog trainer.

She’s now taken the next step in her love for dogs and is working with BCP as a Premier Trainer. Jami says her goals will always change as she grows but buying a home and being rent free are the things she strives for at the moment.

When she’s not training, she loves taking Peloton classes, spin class, running, and strength and core workouts, but running around the hills of Pennsylvania with her dogs is her favorite activity.